Atlanto Axial Dislocation

This typical disease is regarded as a loss of physical stability found in human beings. It pertains to instability between C1 and C2 (atlas and axis). It results in failure of routine articulation. As per the best spinal specialists in India, the atlantoaxial joints in the human body virtually allow the loss of stable articulation. Subsequently, the patient may suffer from acute congenital, traumatic, inflammatory, idiopathic disorders.

Customary Symptoms

The atlantoaxial dislocation in the human body usually leads to mild pain in the neck. The major consequence maybe evens an unfortunate death. However, almost 50% of the patients have restrictions on neck movement. Nearly 70% of patients suffer from physical numbness along with neck pain. Finally, almost all (90%) patients are exposed to pyramidal symptoms.

Logical Diagnosis

Often the spinal surgeons take different approaches when they diagnose this particular ailment. They confirm its existence by employing radiographic measurements and ADI. Extension and Flexion radiographs of the patient’s neck enable the exact measurement of the ADI that evaluates if the atlantoaxial joint suppresses on its own in this scenario. MRI and CT scans are also feasible options to confirm the growth of the disease.

Treatments Given

The respective treatment is centered on the rectification of the sagittal alignment concerning the cervical spine in the upper portion and precise stabilization of the anatomical alignment. The dilemma always remains between operative versus non-operative modalities of treatment. A majority of research and studies have stressed surgical treatment even in cases of asymptomatic dislocation because it prevents the possibility of myelopathy and promotes increased morbidity.

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