Cavernous Sinus

It is also called Cavernous sinus meningiomas, which are benign as well as fearsome brain tumor types. The main reason is that the tumor is developed in an inconvenient part of the human brain. They are located at the base of the skull, surrounded by at least five cranial nerves along with the internal carotid artery. Without damaging the micro anatomic structures inside the brain, it is quite challenging for both neurosurgeons in India and Lucknow to treat these tumors.

Instant Symptoms

Patients suffering from cavernous sinus lesions show the signs of proptosis, visual impairment, conjunctival and ocular congestion, increase in ocular pressure, pain, and ophthalmoplegia.

Forthcoming Diagnosis

If the doctors suspect of cavernous sinus tumor, they immediately suggest MRI and CT scan to confirm the disease. Neurosurgeons deem these tests as basic parameters to proceed for further treatments. These examinations help them monitor the category, growth, and exact location of the tumor.

Treatment Continuation

The treatment is always fruitful with the combination of both radiation and surgery. It might be ineffective in advance stages if only radiation is applied. However, tiny tumors with slow progression can be treated with radiation alone. Besides, cavernous sinus tumors, which are asymptomatic, are observed through periodic checkups.

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