Cerebellopontine Angle Tumor

Malignant tumors can spread anywhere in the human body, while CPA tumors remain in the lateral brain location of the cerebellopontine angle. It is supposed to be the angle between Pons and cerebellum, containing spinal fluid.

The angular space of the brain is quite vulnerable. It also accesses so many brain tumors such as Acoustic Neuroma, Meningioma, Metastasis, Astrocytoma, Schwannoma, Epidermoid, Glomus Jugulare, and so on. These ailments usually develop around the parenchyma, and subsequently, cranial nerves are simulated.

Exact Symptoms

The exact symptoms of CPA include ringing in the ears, intermittent headaches, and facial immobility. The disturbing symptoms develop in phases, and possible growth of tumors is felt when the vital brain functioning is virtually stalled. Large tumors that are unattended for long can lead to vision problems.

Stipulated Diagnosis

With the growing technological advancements, it has now become simple to enable early detection of brain ailments. Brain MRI is regarded as the best option to initiate CPA detection. CT is also a reliable means to detect CPA tumors. These techniques produce all-inclusive images of the brain. It helps locate the exact position of the tumor for initiating proper treatment.

Specific Treatments

Radiation and surgery are considered the only remedial strategies while treating this kind of tumor. However, one must consult an eminent neurosurgeon in India and Lucknow before making the all-important decision to go for surgery. Radiation therapy can be initiated when surgery is thought to be a risky option.

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