Spine Disc Herniation

It is also alternatively called a prolapsed or herniated disc disorder often confronted by people. It occurs when the fibers located in the exterior of the intervertebral disc are virtually damaged. Consequently, the nucleus pulposes, or the soft tissue breaks out of its confinement. It is a very critical situation as the ruptured tissue segments, or the herniated disc substance can move into the spinal canal. As it happens, the extra impact can crush the spinal cord and accompanying nerves. The disease is often observed among people irrespective of age. It can be a long term ailment or may occur suddenly.

Material Symptoms

The sign and symptoms of a herniated disc are as follows:

  • Either piercing pain or numbness in legs or arms
  • Unbearable pain in shoulder blades or back
  • Lack of strength in arms or legs
  • Pain in the neck

Prompt Diagnosis

We have the best spine specialists in Lucknow. If they suspect any patient of disc prolapse, they will first go through the patient’s past medical records, including any fatal injury caused by accident. One or more of the diagnostic measures are taken to confirm the disease, such as MRI and CT scans. CT Myelogram is also applied in special circumstances.

Treatments Called For

Minor cases of a herniated disc are curable within one to two months. However, patients suffering from moderate to medium intensity of this ailment may go for noninvasive treatments like physiotherapy and medication. An epidural steroid injection may be highly effective in some cases.
In case traditional treatments do not work, the spine specialists always suggest invasive surgery. The patient is operated on the affected part of the prolapsed disc, and the pressure is minimized for greater relief.

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