A human being may suffer from epilepsy disorder due to genetic problems or due to a brain injury caused by a mental trauma or stroke. It is such kind of physical disorder wherein the nerve cell system in the brain is disturbed, resulting in frequent seizures. While experiencing seizure bouts, patients may behave abnormally with unusual sensations that often lead to a loss of self-consciousness.
The treatment of epilepsy is efficiently undertaken by the best neurosurgeons in Lucknow. They primarily concentrate on long term medication complemented by occasional surgery and dietary changes.

Normal Symptoms

During an epilepsy seizure, the patient feels some abnormal mental and physical barriers, which are as under:

  • Suffering from indecision
  • A constant staring spell
  • Involuntary limb movements
  • Loss of self-awareness
  • Mental anxiety, apprehensions, fear, and depression

Accurate Diagnosis

Your physician may ask you to undergo several phases of test and examinations, which are mentioned below:

  • Blood tests
  • EEG and high-density EEG
  • MRI and CT scan
  • PET and functional MRI
  • Neuropsychological and SPECT tests
  • SPM and Curry analysis
  • MEG monitoring through magnetic fields

Treatments to Perform

The usual treatments include:

  • AEDs medicines (Anti Epileptic Drugs)
  • To insert a tiny electrical device inside the patient’s body to control the frequency of seizures
  • Suggest ketogenic diets to control seizure bouts
  • Neurosurgery to remove a tiny brain particle causing epileptic seizures

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