It is a kind of brain tumor that stems from the meninges. Meninges are known as a membrane that both protects and covers not only the brain but also the spinal cord. Almost all meningioma tumors are harmless and slow progressing.

Specific Symptoms

As the tumors grow slowly, so are the symptoms detected after a while. Following are the common symptoms:

  • Loss of smelling power
  • Loss of memory
  • Body seizures
  • Obstruction in limb movements
  • Ringing sensation in years
  • Progressive headaches with severity
  • Fuzzy vision

Appropriate Diagnosis

The best tumor specialist in India always prefers to know the patient’s family medical history. It is then followed by a thorough body check-up by the neurological panel. The team of surgeons conducts various types of tests that include testing the mental plight of the subject, memory power, muscle movements and reflexes, pain endurance, and cranial function of nerves.
Besides, the traditional testing procedures are also implemented, like MRI, and CT scans to confirm the development, location, and growth of the said tumor. Sometimes, biopsy or angiograms may be necessary before starting the treatment.

Corresponding Treatments

The process of treatment depends on various factors such as the patient’s age and health, the intensity of the tumor, its location, etc. It is worth mentioning here that every surgical or non-invasive treatment carries its usual risks as well as benefits. However, surgery in treating malignant meningioma is the best option.
An eminent neurosurgeon in Lucknow conducts the most critical open brain surgery to remove the entire tumor for long term relief. The leftover is removed through radiation therapy.

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