Sacral Tumor

There may be a growth of chordoma within the spine. It refers to a form of slow-growing tissue cancer. The element of chordoma may take its position anywhere in the human spine. However, it frequently develops adjacent to the tailbone and, therefore, termed as a sacral tumor. It is also called a clival tumor when it grows around the point where the spine touches the skull. Chordoma is alternatively known as notochordal sarcoma.

Admissible Symptoms

Sacral tumors do not necessarily reveal any conventional symptoms like other spine-related disorders. However, the presence of an apparently benign lump in the spine area may be considered the first sign of the ailment. Besides, the following secondary factors may lead to the spread of spinal chordoma:

  • Double vision
  • Difficulty in swallowing solid food
  • Voice hoarseness
  • Tingling in the body parts
  • Neck pain

Associated Diagnosis

Numerous conditions may account for sacral tumors and should be included in the differential diagnosis. Chordoma seems to have been positive for epithelial membrane antigen. A huge cell tumor is also found in the human sacrum. These types of tumors are both expansile and aggressive. It may pose problems for the best spinal tumor specialists in India to differentiate these aggravating tumors from chordoma.

Fitting Treatments

The main goal of surgery is to explore the possibility of sacral chordoma to uproot the disease while keeping intact the patient’s health condition. It is believed that sacral tumor is often not amenable to radiation therapy. Besides, chemotherapy is also not compliant with its treatment because of poor sensitivity. Therefore, invasive surgery must be the ideal option for permanent eradication of the cluster of sacral tumors.

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