Spinal Cord Tumor

These tumors originate from the spinal cord or the surrounding areas. It may be either cancerous (malignant) or harmless (benign). Even though some spinal cord tumors are benign, we should not overlook them. It might lead to severe pain and acute discomfort. The reason is they tend to push their way up on the spinal cord or adjacent nerves.

Relevant Symptoms

The most popular symptoms are as follows:

  • Unusual feet movement
  • Inability to measure the space while walking
  • Physical weakness, numbness, and paresthesia
  • Walking discomfort at night
  • Pain in the middle of vertebra

Mode of Diagnosis

The most common option employed by the best spinal surgeon in Lucknow is spinal magnetic resonance imaging. It is the most preferred technique to detect the tumors in the spine and surrounding tissues. A suitable contrast agent is injected into the patient’s vein on the forearm. It helps highlight some kind of tissues and structures to accurately locate the place of aberration. Biopsy and computerized tomography are other alternatives depending upon the magnitude of the disease.

Procedural Treatments

The main objective of spinal surgeons is to eliminate the spinal tumors permanently. However, it may damage the spinal cord and the surrounding areas. Besides, the patient’s age and overall health conditions should be the primary concern. Following surgical and non-invasive techniques are commonly implemented:

  • Spinal tumor neck surgery
  • Pediatric neurosurgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Other drug administration

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